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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Paul!

My Uncle Paul's birthday is on Christmas Day so I thought I'd have my kids make a sign so we could post it for him. Uncle Paul lives in Barrington, Illinois so he is not close for us to see him. I do know he likes to look at my blog sometimes so I hope he see's this.

We love and miss you Uncle Paul! Have a Happy Birthday and a Merry Christmas!

Please note Macy was sleeping during this and Noah was not in the mood to be in the picture, so I took a separate one of him. The face was his idea. Also, the girls were happy even though they don't look it.


Jana said...

Hello. I'm pretty sure Sam will remember me. We were in the same ward in Vallejo for years. I found your blog through my cousin, Andrea Hancock. It has been years! You have a beautiful family. It is always fun to find someone you have lost touch with over time. Sounds like things are going well. Hope your family, dad, sister's are all well. I heard about Sis. Kaai passing away. I was very sad when I got the news. She was beyond a wonderful woman. Wishing you all the best! Jana