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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Look at this HONKIN monster that was in my garage!!! I realize black widows are an everyday thing for some people, but I don't see them very often and when I do, well...it just really sucks. I hate spiders anyway much less spiders that could kill my 3 smallest children. With that said, I made Sam kill it. So, I just thought you all might want to see it before it got shmooshed.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hanging with the girls...again.

So I'm sitting here with Kristen and Amber and we are trying to figure out how to check on who looks at your blog. If anyone can tell me, please do. Thanks!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Macy's lips...

Look at those smooshie lips! She is such a chub-a-wub. Don't you just love the new language I have invented? I have forgotten what normal language is like. Macy's nickname is Chubbywubby Stinkycheese. The stinky cheese part is just because I think formula makes babies smell like cheese. Macy anyway. My sister Kelly was holding her today and she was just so cuddle-y. Not Kelly. Macy. Well, I guess Kelly was too, because Macy snuggled right up and fell asleep. Not hard for Macy to do though.

We had so much fun at the movies! We saw 27 Dresses. It is such a chick flick, but funny! I also watched The Nanny Diaries. I give it a thumbs up. Very cute.

Macy is crying now. Guess I'm done...

Friday, January 18, 2008

New look again...

OK, OK, OK... I had to do pink. I found it and loved it. So THIS will be our new look.

All is well after my crazy day. I've been able to sleep, no one else has puked, except for the normal baby puke Macy does. Tonight I get to go on a "girls night out" with some of my buddies: my sister, Kristen, Amber, Amber's sister (I think Rebecca) and maybe Kristen's sister, I told her to call her. (Kristen just called and her sister is going to go! Yeah!) I love girls night out. The more the merrier! My poor mom is babysitting for me. I think the kids and her will play the Wii though. My mom is bowler. She explained to me the scoring in bowling. It's not what you think. Quite complicated. After the movie, Kelly and I will come back to my house and hang out with mom. I see a bowling tournament coming up...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Review of the last 13 hours of Betty's life: NOT FOR THOSE WITH A WEAK STOMACH

12:45 am Fall asleep on couch holding Macy who FINALLY falls asleep too
2:00 am Put Macy in her bassinet, get Maile who is crying, schooch Ellie (who is now in our bed)over towards Sam and slip into bed holding Maile.
4:00 am Maile still fussing, her breathing sounds labored.
4:30 am Give Maile an ashthma treatment. She does not like it and screams the whole 10-15 minutes. She is now wide awake. We lay on couch and watch cartoons. I try and doze.
5:30 am Try and calm Maile down. She is crying and fussing for no apparent reason.
5:32 am Clean Maile's PUKE off of her, the couch, the blanket and me.
6:00 am Change nightshirt, Lay back on stinky couch to try and sleep.
6:45 am Noah wakes up and is thirsty.
6:46 am Get Noah a drink. Listen to him play Geotrax in the livingroom yelling "Rock it down the Rails!!!"
7:30 am Wake up Ellie for school.
7:40 am Wake up Ellie for school again.
7:45 am Hear Macy wake up, get bottle.
7:55 am Feed Macy while browsing internet.
8:15 am Get Ellie's homework and snack together.
8:25 am Get Ellie off to school
8:30 am Change Macy's poopy diaper. Maile finally falls asleep on couch.
8:35 am Eat 3 cookies for breakfast.
8:45 am Lily wakes up. She is thirsty.
9:00 am Go get back in bed.
9:15 am Sam wakes up and asks why I'm so tired. He gets up and takes over.
9:30 am Fall asleep
10:30 am Wake up with Sam asking me if Lily can wear "that" to school. Get up and change Lily's clothes.
10:45 am Maile now awake and crying on couch. Make her a waffle. Get Macy who is now crying.
11:15 am Get back in bed. Noah comes in with a poopy diaper.
11:20 am Change Noah's Diaper, put him in underwear.
11:30 am Hang out with Noah while he sits on potty. Read 2 potty books. He farts.
12:00 pm SHOWER, hang out with Noah again. Fart.
12:15 pm Look for Sam's car keys while feeding Macy.
12:30 pm Change Macy's poopy diaper, ask Noah if he has to go potty. No.
12:45 pm Say bye to Sam.
12:46 pm Maile comes out of my room naked and smelly. Go to my room to find empty diaper on floor, blanket on floor, half of bedspread on floor, poop on floor, pee on floor, poop on blanket, poop on bed spread, poop in the shape of small footprint on her jammies.
12:50 pm Clean up Maile and poop mess.
1:04 pm Come out to livingroom to find Noah in the middle of his pee, on train set.
1:10 pm Clean up Noah and pee.
1:20ish Sit down at computer to type this crazy day up and put my foot in a paper plate of smooshed waffles and syrup. Macy is crying balisticly. I stand up, she stops. I sit, she cries.
1:30 pm Change Macy's poopy diaper. Change my shirt with more PUKE on it.
1:50 pm I finish this entry for my blog one handed, because I am holding a sleeping baby.
The girls will be home in 10 minutes.
Have a nice day.

Our New Look

I updated our blog. Made it look nice. I liked the hot pink too, so you might see it changed again. Please leave comments, I love reading them. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Smiley Maile

How funny is she??? Maile likes to get pajamas, tee shirts, underwear or in this case, a swimsuit, and put them on her head. I think she thinks she is putting them on, and usually, except for the underwear, they actually make it to her shoulders. She just came out of the girls room thinking she was so pretty. The swimsuit is actually for a 6-12 month old. I don't even know where she found it. After I took her picture, Noah wanted his picture taken. He is sooo cute. He always tells me how happy he is we have a baby. What a sweetheart. It almost makes up for all the sneaky things he does. Almost.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


This is the sandwhich Noah made "all by myself!" Incase you can't tell, that is butter. A whole stick of butter. Made with a steak knife. He was honestly about to eat it. I told him you can only eat butter if you can't see it. He was quite proud of himself. Ummm...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


We had the BEST time at Disneyland! Yes, there was a huge storm over all of California. Yes, we did experience it on Friday. However, we were walking onto the rides! Thursday was packed, I think it was all the people from the Rose Parade. I thought for sure Friday and Saturday would be worse, but we lucked out with the rain. No one was there. (That is Disneyland talk for "no one". In real life there was probably 40,000 people there.) Auntie Sandra and Uncle Ty were there with us on Thursday and Friday so we had some extra hands. Noah decided to puke in California Adventure so Sandra and Ty kept Noah, Maile and Macy so Sam and I could go on some big kid rides with Ellie and Lily. It was a good thing too, because that is when the storm really hit. We were like pioneers walking back to our hotel at 10:45 at night with the girls. Except we had shoes. And we weren't starving. And we had rain ponchos. OK, so we were nothing like pioneers. I felt like it at the time though. Enjoy the pic's!

Shout out to Trish! Thanks for the package!