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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today it was 110 degrees in Vacaville! 110!!!!! It was actually 2 degrees hotter than Death Valley. We live in Deathville. Our air conditioner is running like crazy and it is still 85 in our house. Anyway, to recap the last couple of months: Sam and I got to go to Las Vegas (104 degrees!). He went for a work conference and I flew out to meet him. We had our first ever weekend alone. Good food. I see why they call it "sin city" though. We had a great time, regardless.

The kids are done with school. We are on summer break. Ellie and Lily had their dance recital and Noah is in Tee Ball...


Trish said...

Ha! I liked that you wrote "good food" after the sentence about having your first weekend alone. Ha ha ha! Yeah, we were all thinking about buffet right then. :) Sorry, am I being crass? I'll stop. hee. woops, that just slipped out. really sorry.